“When GPS can’t find you…” or “What to do when love is Blind…”

Sometimes we don’t want to be found, but that is never the case for FAIRBIKES. Our bright red beauties love to be found and pedaled around town, but sometimes love is blind. Or so it may seem when you are standing beside the bicycle you want to take for a ride and your phone is insisting that you need to “move to a station.”

Well in this triangle of heartbreak the answer realy is: “it’s not you, it’s …your phone.” After a frustrating couple of days while my FAIRBIKES app sent me mixed messages about whether the bicycle of my dreams and I would make a meaningful connection I finally sought the advice of those wise in the way of more ethereal communication than I.

Their suggestion – Calibrate your Compass. I took their advice and now I am finding bicycle stations everywhere I look for one. Things are looking up in Fairbanks and this the Summer of Bicycle Love!

Happy Pedaling

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